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WhirlpoolI’d like to make a plea for a lady who has been looking for her lost uncle for 30 years. Frank Inskip was born in 1917 in Halifax the son of Randolph Inskip from Wombwell near Barnsley, and Harriet Hall from Halifax. (Randolph’s father was a William Inskipp from South Shields, who went to Barnsley with his brother to mine coal.)

Randolph and Harriet split up soon after Frank’s birth and their boys, Walter and Frank, were fostered. Walter went to a family who lived in Tottington. Harriet later lived with a man called Shaw. There has been no siting of Frank by the family since that date; he does not appear to be registered in the UK, he did not serve in the 2nd world war, there is no insurance records or medical records for him. But he cannot have just disapeared into thin air and his niece Elizabeth would dearly love to get in touch.

One theory Elizabeth is working on at the moment is that he went to America with his maternal grandparents. But who knows? if you have any ideas, do get in touch.


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