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Sailing Ship

Terry Inskip, recently sent me a list of Inskip departures from these shores between 1890 and 1929. It is interesting to observe that at the height of the British Empire, the largest formal Empire the world has ever known (yes larger than the Romans!), that to travel abroad the passengers simply had recorded initial, surname, age, sex, year or departure, destination country and port of departure and arrival. Contrast this to the growing list of ‘biological’ data we are supposed to give to travel from the new Heathrow Terminal 5 to Manchester – let alone to destinations such as the USA.

Armed with this meagre data I tried to discover from census and other data I have who these Inskip travellers were. Some are emmigrants, some travellers, and some have ‘business’ abroad.

The earliest is Samuel Inskip, a blacksmith from Bedford who emigrated with his family to America. Then there is Walter Inskip and wife Florence Thurley from Bedford who went to live in Tanzania in the 1920’s.

Charles H and Mary Inskip from Shefford retired on a round the world voyage in 1928. Meanwhile Charles’ brother William, who was a bank director, appears to have a range of exotic locations including Chile, Argentina and Japan.

Major Percy Inskipp and brother Frank Warren Inskipp from Sussex are regular travellers to Africa, whilst Alfred T Inskip the rancher from Devon, regularly criss-crosses the Atlantic to Canada with his siblings.

But I’d love to know more about Alice Stott from Oldham, who married a John Inskip in 1893 and went to Boston in 1901 alone with her 4 very young children, Hannah, Arthur, James and John.


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