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I have been invited to provide little titbits of information on Inskipology from Australasia. As a new migrant here I’m not sure of my credentials. I’ve only been in Australia for 18 months. I live in the outer eastern fringes of Melbourne,Victoria with my wife and three children. Prior to this I spent 8 years in Dunedin on south island New Zealand. I left the UK over a decade ago now.

I am a family doctor but since moving to Australia have become a full time docotr in Skin Cancer Medcine (Australia has the highest incidence in the world)

Originally I am Staffordshire Inskip.  I have traced my ancestors back through the south Staffordshire 19th century industrial boomtown of Bilston to the rural village of Dilhorne in north Staffordshire.

Now one of the first things that intrigued when I first moved south was the geographical place name of Inskip Point in Queensland. I have found out how it was named and even been there.

This will be my first   ‘ Tale from the Billabong ‘


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This is a copy of the will of Richard Inskip, blacksmith of Forsbrook.  Husband of Ann Buckstone and one of the sons of John Inskip 1734-1818  and Alice Robinson…

It might be of interest to Staffordshire Inskip researchers….

The Joseph Heath who witnesses the will is the father of Hannah Heath….who in 1829 marries John Inskip my 3X Great Grandfather……( Apart from the Heath family….I wonder what the connection is for John and Richard….?)


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