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cornet Brass bands have a noble tradition in the North of England with roots in the industrial revolution. They formed in the small villages surrounding industrial cities where a factory employed most local labour. Bands were the answer to the daily grind and a dearth of entertainment, and started with the aid of people versed in eighteenth century folk music.

Everyone in a small village could join the band, and amateur status was a strong feature. The bands were financed by subscription or the factory owners. Once proficient, bands played in concerts and contests. The best bands could attract an audience outside their own locality, and brass band contests had up to 80,000 people in the audience. Factory bands were the most successful; they had the money to poach players and pay musically trained band leaders .

The first band is said to be the Stalybridge Old Band started in 1814 – they played their first event the Saturday after the battle of Waterloo, June 1815. But, other contenders (more…)


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I am gradually putting all the Inskip families on the English 1881 census on to Lost Cousins – a site that helps people find lost cousins through listing their 1881 and 1841 census relatives. If you want to register you name against your specific Inskip family you will find the site here.

Registering names is free, with a small fee for the ability to link to lost cousins, but if enough people are interested I will subscribe and be the link.

The advantage should be in finding specific Inskip cousins.

If you do enter your Inskip family and there is no link, then I have not managed to enter it yet. I have now done all the Bedfordshire families I can find and am working my way through Hertfordshire. However, if you put your family on now, I will find them when I get to your section.

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